Aphrodisiac comes from the name of the Greek goddess of love; Aphrodite. Throughout history, many foods and drinks have had a reputation for making love and attraction more pleasurable. Studies show that incorporating essential oils

Pamper Yourself at Habitude

What better way to love yourself this season than a visit to Habitude?Treat yourself or a loved one to an hour or a day of primping and pampering with a coveted Habitude Gift card printed

Be Curly

          Be Perfectly curly Curly hair will always look trendy and stylish, it's why women so often wear curly hairstyles. True beauties surely know that curly hairstyles are the best option to have feminine and attractive looks.

A GIft of Himalayan Joy

A Gift of Himalayan Joy

for those close to you­—and 2,400 families in Nepal. Purchasing lokta bark paper for our gift sets has made a huge difference to families in Nepal. With income from papermaking, 2,400 families can live better—buy food

Best of Western Washington

Back in the Flow

Back in the Flow

As the easy-breezy days of summer are winding to a close, we can’t wait to get back in the flow—kids in school, dinner at 6pm, the familiar rhythm of autumn. What better time for a

Commit to Radiance

Commit to Radiance

This is a high-tech facial based on Aveda's Tourmaline that has been proven by 4 out of 5 women to be more effective and gentler to skin than microdermabrasion. In clinical tests,  it was just

Be Brilliant

Be Brilliant

Take your manicure further with our amazing long-lasting gel nail colors. Your choice of nail colors are UV cured onto your nail for brilliant, durable, non-damaging, healthy shine that endures for up to 2 weeks!