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Our mission at Habitude has always been to love and amaze our customers- and we constantly strive to do so in new and exciting ways. We have so much fun chatting and sharing with you

What Is Your Signature Style?

It doesn’t take more than a simple mentioning of the name Marilyn Monroe before you picture those famous crimson lips. This woman owned her style and knew exactly how she wanted to be seen by

Fall into Style at Habitude

Fall into Style at Habitude

Bold, Rich, Luxurious. These are the words that best describe Fall Fashion 2011 and your makeup is no exception. Switching out your entire makeup bag can be a bit excessive, however replacing a few key

Habitude Celebrates 15 Years

Loving and Amazing since 1996 August marks Habitude's 15th year in business. It has been a wild and exciting ride… fires, floods, family and finance always keeping us on our toes. I am proud and so

Summer Tuesdays in Ballard

Have you heard about Tuesdays in Ballard? This nine week  summer campaign is an exciting reason to come Eat Drink Shop and Play in Ballard. Each Tuesday beginning July 5th there will be a different

Pacific Island Passage

Pacific Island Passage

Be inspired by the spirit of Ho’oponopono—healing yourself on the inside as well as the outside—and indulging in the soothing power of native traditions. Leave feeling blissful and reenergized from your soothing tropical escape. Experience