Care Packages

Breath Beside the Brook
Neck relief, hand and foot treatment, and a Hot Rocks Sauna
$171 and up

Long Nap by the Pond
Pregnancy Massage, Spa Scalp Revitalizer, Essential Pedicure and a Hot Rocks Sauna
$251 and up

Under a Northern Rain Forest
Essential Facial, Essential Massage, Spa Scalp Revilalizer, and a Hot Rocks Sauna
$311 and up

Beneath the Spring Thaw Falls
Hydrating Salt Glow, Essential Massage, Spa Scalp Revitalizer, and a Hot Rocks Sauna
$331 and up

Barefoot in the River
A River Rock Rub, Rosemary Mint Awakening Manicure & Pedicure and Hot Rocks Sauna
$259 and up

Beyond the Alpine Summit

Essential Facial, Essential Massage, Hydrating Salt Glow, Spa Scalp Revitalizer, Hot Rocks Sauna, Blow Dry and Cosmetic Application
$550 and up

Bear Print in the Sand
Our favorite package for men. Take a mental health day. Includes an Ultimate Massage, Essential Facial, Spa Scalp Revitalizer and Hot Rocks Sauna
$361 and up

Robes, slippers, snacks and beverages will be provided during your retreat.  All treatments included in these packages must be scheduled and redeemed together. All spa packages must be received by the same guest, on the same day. No substitutions.

Extra Care

Rejuvenating Hot Rocks Sauna
Get cozy…detox and relax the body and mind

Town Car Door-to-Door Service
In the Greater Seattle Area
Call for quote