Our Product Guru

Many of you know Jennifer, our smiling product guru who greets you at the front door. Well, we had to paint a whole wall in the backroom for her to use as a blackboard for all

Loving Our Lavishy

We are on pins and needles waiting for our new collection of LAVISHY bags and wallets to arrive this week! Stop by and have a look! LAVISHY- focus on fun, functional, fabulous and affordable fashion

Our Ferns

Many have asked what inspired our Habitude Logo. As a young girl, I ran through sword ferns for hours in the greenbelt behind our house. Nothing says Northwest like the sun glistening through the old growth trees and sparkling

Fall into Habitude

The leaves are already starting to swirl around the ground…could it be that time already? Send your loved ones BACK TO SCHOOL in Style with $25 haircuts from our Fresh Talent or CRUX Academy

Fall into Offerings

We love our new collection of Tokyobay handbags. They are so soft and creamy and look to the 1970s for inspiration. The classic pocketbook shape features a long detachable strap and flat studs for an

Offerings eco-boutique

Our Offerings Eco-Boutique makes getting your hair done a one stop shopping experience for all of life's little needs. Delight in gifts for showers, birthdays or your best friend forever. Enjoy beautiful cards for your

Feel beautifully cared for

Chakra balancing and other energy therapies - such as energy work and energy healing - are based on the belief that the body has seven main energy centers along the spine which absorb and emit


We love our redheads! There is nothing more fun for a hairdresser then a client who is a committed red head. We work as a team to get just the right hue, lighten it in