Hand & Foot Care

Habitude hand and foot care

Essential Manicure
Nails filed and shaped. A relaxing hand and arm massage, followed by a finishing touch of polish

Ultimate Manicure
The Essential Manicure plus—a heated soothing hydrating masque

Essential Pedicure Start off with a soothing warm foot bath. Nails shaped with extra attention to the cuticle and any calloused areas.

Ultimate Pedicure
The Essential Pedicure plus…a heated soothing hydrating masque.

Our Signature Herbal Bliss Manicures and Pedicures feather Stress-Fix products, clinically proven to reduce stress, relax your mInd and rejuvenate your senses with a mineral rich scrub and tranquil massage. 

Herbal Bliss Manicure
Herbal Bliss Pedicure

Try our Canni-Bliss Nail Care services with cannabis-infused CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extract from the hemp plant. They offer incredible pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that allow our therapists to work muscles on a much deeper and more healing level.

Canna-Bliss Manicure 
Canna-Bliss Pedicure 

Service Fee
No Surprises! Habitude retains a 10% service fee for all services. Not only do we strive to provide amazing service, we also take great pride in our incredibly talented team and believe they deserve both great benefits, fair wages and continued education. Adding this fee allows us to offset mandated programs and rising costs without having to raise service pricing by 20-25%. Thanks so much for your support.

Nail Extensions or Enhancements with Gel Builder  
We are excited to launch our new gel builder nail enhancements. These hand sculpted UV Gel nail extensions and overlays are the latest technology for strong or long healthy nails.
We paint it on. Like a polish then cure it with a lamp. It is MUCH stronger than gel polish and lasts 2-3 weeks. You can also add length naturally and fill them without removal. An amazing healthy alternative to acrylics.

Essential Gel Builder Full Set 
normal length includes gel polish 

Ultimate Gel Builder Full Set          
extra long includes gel polish

Gel Builder Overlay        
natural nail overlay includes gel polish

Gel Builder Fill
nail grow out fill includes gel polish

Gel Shellac Polish                  
This original “power polish,” added on to any manicure combines the ease of polish with incomparable high-gloss shine and extended-wear.

Nail Art $14+
French Polish  $15
Polish Change Toes $24
Polish Change Fingers  $24
Extra Massage 15 extra minutes of relaxation $24
Soothing Paraffin $24
Callus Treatment $24
Shellac Removal   $24
Shellac Removal with Manicure $12
Shellac Repair $12
Shellac Polish Add-on  $14