Habitude is proud to be an original Founder of the  InBallard Merchant Association. With Inez Gray as the former President, this organization of vibrant merchants brings new life and energy to the Ballard retail core and beyond. We as a company are committed to giving back to our community and neighboring businesses!

In Ballard Merchants Association

The In Ballard Merchants Association is an official 501(c)(6) non-profit Mutual Business Organization with the State of Washington. The Mission of the In Ballard Merchants Association is to ensure a flourishing Ballard economy through collective event planning and advertising among Ballard businesses. The Association heads up two major campaigns during the year, Tuesdays in Ballard in the Summer and Holidays in Ballard in the Winter.

Outside the walls of Habitude, Founder Inez Gray maintains her ambition for helping people and her life-long interest in art through her connection with the community. One of her most recognized community contributions is the creation of the Ballard Second Saturday Art Walk over 20 years ago

Ballard Second Saturday Art Walk
This incredible community event offers an opportunity for local residents to travel from shop to shop to meet the artists, admire their work and learn about the various businesses. Over the years the Ballard Art Walk has grown into a showcase of 30 plus businesses and attracts upwards of five to seven hundred art patrons a month. Gray has also used the Art Walk to help launch the careers of dozens of local artists and to educate and voice her companies commitment to the environment.




Habitude Giving

Habitude believes in giving back to our community. We support endeavors that protect the environment, promote the arts, and give back to children. We participate in several fundraising events yearly and prefer to give time and involvement to donations, it just feels better and connects us!

Thank you for your interest in having Habitude as a part of your charitable cause. Habitude prides itself on the dedication to giving back to the community and supporting a wide variety of charities.
All requests will be reviewed and evaluated in advance on a quarterly basis, in January, April, July and October. A staff member from the donation committee will contact you if the request has been approved.
The following information should be included with your request:

•Description/Purpose for the donation
•Amount of request
•Date and Contact person for the event
•Proof of nonprofit status

Requests will only be accepted through mail or email. Please do not inquire by phone.
Donation requests can be emailed to or mailed to:

Habitude At the Locks
Donation Committee
2813 NW Market
Seattle WA 98107


Habitude Donation Committee