Staff Care

The Mission

Over the last 20 years, Habitude has employed hundreds of AMAZING employees. Many have gone on to open their own businesses and often return to thank us for their incredible opportunities and growth while working with us.

Our company will always need talented individuals, artists and leaders to join us and embrace our team vision: to provide stellar customer service in a remarkable environment where individuality is encouraged and an entrepreneurial spirit is rewarded. As well as our mission: To Love and Amaze our customers and each other.


At Habitude we are looking for career service providers who want to establish themselves in a proven company with an incredible brand. We are built on the philosophy that we should be paid and rewarded for our contributions and efforts. Ultimately, if you join us you will be in control of your success at Habitude based on your commitment and the quality of work you produce. The best thing about our system is if you see and work towards the big picture, the sky is the limit.

We are committed to Education and Growth and believe that it is our responsibility to give you the tools and the clients (one to two hundred in your first 90 days!) that you need to succeed and then you take it from there.

We believe in a strong management and support team that will be there to encourage you when you lose motivation and acknowledge you when you succeed, as well as take great care of your customers on the phone and as they check out.

Everyone who works at Habitude is paid a base hourly rate or commission which ever is greater. We also offer an incredible benefit package that includes medical, dental and disability insurance, a 401K, profit sharing, paid vacation, discounts on products and services, and and unheard-of advertising budget and bonuses.

Lead Team

Habitude is propelled by a remarkable team of leaders from each department. We oversee our group, make the decisions, hire, train and motivate, while flawlessly maintaining our own client base. Our team meets weekly to strategize and drive Habitude into the future. Learn more…

Spa Team

Our spa team has a world-class reputation for creating an other-worldly experience for our guests. They give much more than a great massage. They give a piece of themselves away to every customer, every single day. They coach, they teach, they share, they breathe, they inspire and ground all of us at Habitude. Learn more…

Hair Team

Our hair team has been inter-nationally recognized in Modern Salon, Passion, Salon Today, and via our annual hair-art show “Habolution.” We are a wild bunch of creative, hard-working artists who love what we do. Learn more…

Hub Team

Our “Hub” is the front line of our business. We basically run the place—the telephones, the appointments, the banking, and the “schmoozing.” We make our customer’s day moment by moment. Learn more…

Crux Academy

The Crux is the smallest and most distinctive of the constellations in the universe. It means a basic, vital or pivotal point. We believe that new stylists are at a pivotal point in their career and we take it really seriously. At our Crux Academy, they learn and collaborate with senior stylists and get real life experience on real customers. Learn more…


HA2: Advanced Academy

No matter how long you have been behind the chair, the Habitude Advanced Academy will enable to you to further your technical skills, find new artistic inspiration and open new doors for your future in the industry. Learn more…

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