Skin Care

A Habitude Facial is offered for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Your facial begins with a personalized skin analysis and life-style review. We then choose the best combination of technique and product to focus on and to achieve your desired result. Our goal is to reduce stress and to assist in balancing and controlling existing skin conditions and then provide a guide for home and spa care.

Renewal Focus
Includes a polishing Botanical Resurfacing treatment that sloughs away dead skin cells and helps reduce fine lines, acne scars, age spots and sun damage. A safe and affordable microdermabrasion alternative to chemical and laser procedures.

Purifying Focus

The best treatment for stressed or problematic skin. Includes time for extra extractions and a powerful detoxing facial massage and masque.

Illuminating Focus 

A luxurious facial using powerful plant-active based formulas that act as a remedy for discoloration, age and sun spots. The powerful home care skin brightening system coupled with the in–spa treatment results in more even skin tone, illumination and clarity in just 8 weeks.

Express Facial
A half hour introduction to Aveda skin care.
$68 and up

Essential Facial
Relax and de-stress for an hour
$118 and up
$354 series of 4

Ultimate Facial
The Essential Facial plus much more… for an hour and a half
$148 and up

Revitalizing Treatment Facial
Utilizes a powerful biochemical exfoliation technique to instantly improve the texture of your skin
$175 and up

Age Defying Treatment Facial
Bliss out as this powerful treatment hydrates, rejuvenates and restores. Utilizing a combination of high-tech botanicals and unique five-phase intensive massage, it instantly and visibly repairs the collagen.
$175 and up

Age Defying Peel
A safe alternative treatment for Glycolic Acid Peels which reduces skin irritation and inflammation. This self-heating peel exfoliates dull skin cells while smoothing visible lines and wrinkles. Must be added to any Facial Service $45 and up
$135 series of 4

Teen Services

Teen Express Facial
A quick first experience, great for the younger ones or weekly care.
$68 and up

Teen Essential Facial or Massage

Deep clean and glowing—our teen favorite
$118 and up

Teen Ultimate facial or Massage 

The Essential plus—more time for extractions and massage
$148 and up

Teen Express Facial Series
Deep clean and glowing—buy three get one free
$204 and up

Teen Back-cial
A luxurious back acne treatment. Perfect for prom.
$86 and up

Teen Parties

We bring a spa atmosphere full of fun, relaxation, and pampering just for you and your friends! Perfect for birthdays or graduations. Each party is customized to meet all your party needs. Ages 16 and up only. Call for details.

Parental Consent

Ages 14-16 may enjoy express spa services but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All guests 16-18 are permitted with a signed parental consent form on file, which you can fill out here or email to us.