Skin & Body Care

A Habitude Facial is offered for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Your facial begins with a personalized skin analysis and life-style review. We then choose the best combination of technique and product to focus on and to achieve your desired result. Our goal is to reduce stress and to assist in balancing and controlling existing skin conditions and then provide a guide for home and spa care.

Express Facial            $88 and up
A half hour introduction to Aveda skin care.

Essential Facial         $148 and up  $444 series of 4
Relax and de-stress for an hour

Ultimate Facial         $208 and up
The Essenti
al Facial plus much more… for an hour and a half

Our Habitude Signature Facials provide a more customized experience with more powerful botanicals for your specific concerns and needs 

Revitalizing Treatment Facial        $198 and up
Utilizes a powerful biochemical exfoliation technique to instantly improve the texture of your skin

Age Defying Treatment Facial       $198 and up
Bliss out as this powerful treatment hydrates, rejuvenates and restores. Utilizing a combination of high-tech botanicals and unique five-phase intensive massage, it instantly and visibly repairs the collagen.

Our Therapeutic Skin Boosts allow you to take your facial to the next level with custom therapeutic peels and rejuvenating masks. They are so amazing you will want to try a different one every visit. Must be added to any one-hour facial with the same service provider

Age Defy Peel BOOST                                         $44
A safe alternative treatment for Glycolic Acid Peels which reduces skin irritation and inflammation. This self-heating peel exfoliates dull skin cells while smoothing visible lines and wrinkles.

Custom JUST FOR YOU Skin BOOSTS             $32 
Based on your consultation, we can upgrade you with a custom mask based on your needs and destired results.

Dermaplaning Enhancement BOOST                 $48
Dermaplaning rejuvenates the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin and vellus hair. This enhancement can be added to any full facial

Dermaplaning Transformation                             
Dermaplaning rejuvenates the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin and vellus hair. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines while reducing acne and breakouts from
occurring. As it removes dead skin cells, it promotes the growth of new cells. This 30 minute quick cleanse combines a Vitamin C treatment for the ultimate transformation.
Not recommended for those with active acne or coarse hair

Essential Back Treatment                                     $118
Provides deep cleansing and refining while relaxing your mind and body. Promotes healthy, clear skin. Extractions if needed.

Hand and Foot Treatment                                      $88
Hands and feet exfoliated, massaged, moisturized and wrapped in herbal comfort. Leave feeling smoothed and energized.

These SPA ENHANCERS may be incorporated into any one-hour treatment with the same service provider to add special product or results to your service 

Reflexology Focus              $32
Spa Scalp Revitalizer          $32
Hot Stone Spa Treats          $32
Salt Scrub Treats                 $32
Eye Zone Wrap                    $32
Cupping Therapy                $32
Canna-Bliss Enhancer        $36
Facial Gua Sha                    $32
Skin Care Boosts                $32-44
Hot Rocks Sauna                $32
Dermaplaning Enhancer     $48

Get cozy…detox and relax

HABITUDE BODY TREATMENTS deliver an other worldly escape that leaves you feeling profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated  

ENERGETIC RESTORATION                                  $168
parasympathetic body treatment
Restore equilibrium through a unique combination of sound, touch and aroma. This exceptional treatment acts on three different sensorial pathways to aid in recovery from chronic stress.  Guided by an exclusive music composition of sustained rhythms, harmonic intervals, and pulsing beats, the therapist synchronizes each movement to gently guide the way to achieve profound relaxation. Ideal for jet lag or a disrupted sleep pattern.


REBALANCE REVIVAL                                            $168
scrub and mask body treatment

 A deluxe treatment to repair damage, replenish nutrients and recover from stress. Begin with a double action body exfoliation followed by a sensorial cocooning experience wrapped in a warm nutritional mask.  Complete your experience with an omega rich hydrating finish. An excellent remedy to smooth and nourish – bestowing soft and silky skin. The perfect body treatment for skin which is dry and depleted.


DETOX RENEWAL                                                  $168
peel and mud body treatment
Ideal as a full systemic detoxification, to mobilize accumulated toxins and restore energy and vitality while improving the presence of cellulite. Begin your journey with a warm non-abrasive peel to remove dead skin cells. Encourage profound elimination fully enveloped in an innovative fucus and laminaria rich mud enhanced with mineral-rich thermal waters from the famous Castello di Velona in Tuscany. Restore moisture and smoothness with an omega rich hydrating finish. For all body types and conditions, not appropriate for pregnancy. For optimal results book as a series

MARMA PRANA                                                       $168
brushing and massage body treatment 
Detox from excess, over-indulgence, intense training, or general burnout, and reset with a dynamic full body treatment utilizing three ancient healing traditions. Dry brushing, herbal oil Marma point massage and silicone cupping massage. This distinct Ayurvedic treatment focuses on points to manipulate subtle energy or prana and also to relieve stiff muscles. It will help you recover from stress, detoxify cells and relax muscles by releasing fascia tissue. Experience smoother, lifted skin for face and body for a glow that radiates from within.

Parental Consent

In the Spa-We do not allow spa services for children under 16. Age 16-18 are permitted with a signed parental consent form on file, which you can email to us PRIOR to the appointment.

Service Fee  

No Surprises! Habitude retains a 10% service fee for all services. Not only do we strive to provide amazing service, we also take great pride in our incredibly talented team and believe they deserve both great benefits, fair wages and continued education. Adding this fee allows us to offset mandated programs and rising costs without having to raise service pricing by 20-25%. Thanks so much for your support.