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hab·i·tude –noun [hab-i-tood]

1. A state of body or mind: a healthy mental habitude.
2. A habit or custom: traditional habitudes of kindliness and courtesy
3. A meeting place: habitude is Seattle’s favorite salon, spa and eco-boutique

Our Spa Canna Menu is the talk of the town all over the city. These amazing treatments and products are changing our clients lives one massage at a time. We are thrilled at the results for our guests and our service providers. Treat yourself and your loved ones to these exclusive cannabis infused, other worldly wellness experiences.

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Delight in our coveted Ultimate Spa Services….perfect for you or as a gift for your loved ones.

  • Enjoy Ultimate Massage, Skincare or Nail Care Services for the price of Essentials and save up to 25%


          Try SPA-CANNA our new amazing cannabis-infused massages 

  • moon spirit balancing massage  
    goddess cycle relief for cramps, moods & mon
    thly ebbs & flows
  • air serene calming massage
    bliss out, breathe, relax and find your inner zen 
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Don’t sweat it. Everyday Deodorant Spray is 100% natural, yet just as effective as its chemical counterparts. The active ingredient, zinc ricinoleate, neutralizes odor molecules, while the uplifting botanicals of mandarin, geranium, and cedar blend to form a clean, fresh scent pleasing on both men and women.

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