Our Product Guru

Our Product Guru

Many of you know Jennifer, our smiling product guru who greets you at the front door. Well, we had to paint a whole wall in the backroom for her to use as a blackboard for all of her guru jewels of wisdom. She makes sure that all of us know what’s new, how much things cost and all of the features and benefits of every product. Here she is hipping us to the details of all of the fantastic Aveda hairsprays.

Our favorite of course, is the new CONTROL FORCE: Our firmest hold hair spray offers long-lasting hold and humidity defense for all hair types—and has a net-zero climate impact*

*Through Aveda’s funding of renewable energy to offset the CO2 associated with the manufacturing, transportation and use of Aveda aerosol hair sprays

All-day firm hold and 24-hour humidity defense
Fast-drying, non-flaking formula
UV filters and anti-oxidants
Organic essential oils of Bulgarian lavender, bergamot, palmarosa, and vetiver—calming aroma

Here are some finishing tips from Aveda and our own superstar on the floor, Kermit

GREAT BIG HAIR: Spray Control Force onto dry hair, with head upside down. Turn head upright and “comb” into shape with hands. Finish with Control Force to set and protect from humidity.
POWERFUL PONY: Spray Control Force into palms and smooth over pulled back hair.
FINGER FINISH: Spray Control Force onto fingertips and stroke onto wisps and details for hold.
AMPED UP: Backcomb hair until desired texture and volume are achieved. Mist Control Force over style and mold into shape with your hands. With a diffuser, blow-dry with high heat to prolong the hold.
BLAST OFF: Hold dryer underneath dry hair and point forward. Blast hair while misting with Control Force for a dramatic wind-blown effect.

Thanks Jennifer and Kermit for keeping us motivated, educated and all of our hair in the perfect place!