Hair Team

Our hair team has been inter-nationally recognized in Modern Salon, Passion, Salon Today, and via our annual hair-art show “Habolution.” We are a wild bunch of creative, hard-working artists who love what we do.

CRUX Apprentice Team
Zoom through our 6-month program and be double-booked within a year. Education sponge, career oriented, thick skinned, flexible attitude, hard-working spirit.

CRUX New Talent
Supports the stylists, pampers the clients, and slurps up knowledge like a sponge. Required skills: people lover, eager to please, hard worker, observer, lifetime learner and artist.

Stylist/Style Maker
Takes care of all of our guests’ hair, color, product and texture desires. Required skills: people lover, artist, lifetime learner, teacher, listener, pride-taker and self-promoter.

Salon Director
See Lead Team for details.

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