You need to know—we get so much out of you coming to visit us. We choose this business first, because we are artists or healers and second, because we love to be loved (hey, doesn't everybody?)

So THANK YOU...thank You for putting up with our fire remodel and construction out front this year.




Thank You for being loyal and supporting us and our families.

And most of all...thank you for all of the friends and family that you refer to us, past and future. Thank You. Because, thanks to you, we continue to grow.


Online booking has taken over our business. We know that it is a great convenience for you but we have to confess, it is not very intuitive. It only allows you to book at very specific times in very specific ways, and there is no customization. So it may look like we are booked up on your end, but our Phone Team (who are AMAZING) could probably make it happen.




Fun Fact, your service providers feel so secure and actually get promoted based on how booked in advance they are.

Pre-book before you leave and get what you want, when you want it.

Plus, through March you'll receive our coveted
Habi-buck for $5 off your next visit!



Get grounded with this thirty-minute service. Focused foot pressure to stimulate corresponding organs, glands and areas of your internal systems.

$25 add-on



Cupping is suction therapy which pulls out tension from the tissue, bringing it to the surface of the skin so that it can more easily dissipate.

$36 add-on


Don't miss our RARE and WONDERFUL BLACK FRIDAY thru CYBER MONDAY deals that will be hitting your in-box November 28th!

Spa and hair services, product deals and Seattle's most coveted GIFT CARDS all at the best prices ever!

Perfect for everyone on your list. Be done before December arrives and enjoy the Holidays. Just because we love you...


Habitude at the Locks | 2801 NW Market Street | Seattle
Habitude Fremont | 513 N 36th Avenue | Seattle
Reservations: 206.782.2898

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