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The kids are all dong it so why shouldn't we? Now that you have all the little ones buttoned up and back in school, it's your turn! Let us help you discover what you are made of...



Did you know for the last 20 years Hand Relief has been Habitude's top selling product, with Foot Relief a close second. We think these two products are just non negotiable.


Intense moisture helps soothe seriously dry hands...leaving them noticeably softer and smoother. Andiroba oil and other plant hydrators help infuse skin with nourishment for moisturized, soft hands.


  • intensely moisturizes
  • softens and smooths dry hands
  • 95% naturally derived*

Your feet carry you through the world; your hands allow you to experience it. Give them the appreciation they deserve.


smell amazing: our all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant keeps you smelling fresh and clean all day, every day.


Don't sweat it. Everyday Deodorant Spray is 100% natural, yet just as effective as its chemical counterparts. The active ingredient, zinc ricinoleate, neutralizes odor molecules, while the uplifting botanicals of mandarin, geranium, and cedar blend to form a clean, fresh scent pleasing on both men and women. A refreshing, all-natural alternative to chemically based deodorants and antiperspirants. Formulated and tested to make even the most active users true believers.




Experience instant visible repair from damage remedy™ daily hair repair made with 98% naturally derived ingredients. The plant-powered formula contains quinoa, a complete protein revered as the "mother grain" by the Incas, soy-derived oil to help nourish, and macadamia oil to help smooth strands so your hair looks and feels healthier than ever. Learn how each ingredient in damage remedy™ works and what it does.






AWE SPA...High on Life at Habitude


Our Spa Canna Menu is the talk of the town all over the city. These amazing treatments and products are changing our clients lives one massage at a time. We are thrilled at the results for our guests and our service providers. Treat yourself and your loved ones to these exclusive cannabis infused, other worldly wellness experiences.




let us love and amaze you

hab-i-tude -noun [hab-i-tood]

1. A state of body or mind: a healthy mental habitude. 2. A habit or custom: traditional habitudes of kindliness and courtesy 3. A meeting place: habitude is Seattle's favorite salon, spa and eco-boutique


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