One thing we learn as we evolve is that love is always sweeter if we love ourselves first. With or without a Valentine this season, nurturing and honoring you is what



is most important for happiness and for the power of women (and men) everywhere! Let Habitude help you and yours look and feel amazing. We LOVE taking care of you!



But when we asked our existing users for feedback, they told us that while they loved the three-part system, they wished they could use it on color-treated hair. That helped prompt the development of Invati Advanced, which not only delivers high performance results but can ALSO be used on colored hair.


Invati 2.0 reduces hair loss by 53%,* and now features a once daily application rather than twice a day. The new formula is even more naturally derived than the original - it's 98% naturally-derived from plants, non-petroleum minerals and water. What's more, because so many women who experience thinning hair also color their hair, Invati Advanced is now color-safe, so it won't fade your color! Save on Invanti with our special below!


Invanti's Mission: Provide women with a highly effective, plant-based solution to hair loss. "It was such a successful launch for us that it became a 'love mark' for the brand," says Justina Mejia-Montane, Vice President of Aveda Global Product Development.


Habitude's Offerings eco-boutique specializing in gifts lovingly chosen for their powerful stories, fair trade philosophy or just plain eclectic whimsy. You will find spicy imported pottery, exotic jewelry, handbags and scarves, trinkets, jewelry and curios from around the world and an everchanging variety of seasonal tea and tinctures. Delight in memorable and coveted gifts and cards for you or your valentine.




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1. A state of body or mind: a healthy mental habitude. 2. A habit or custom: traditional habitudes of kindliness and courtesy 3. A meeting place: habitude is Seattle's favorite salon, spa and eco-boutique


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